1-1 Workshops

How Your Clinic Can Build A List of 1,000 Qualified Leads in 30 DaysBy Abandoning The Traditional Way Of Lead Generation

Starting with nothing but a $10/day Facebook ad, a quiz and a simple calendar. 


From Stuggling > To Generating Thousands of Patient Leads, Per Month

Learn The Ins And Outs Of AClinic Growth Funnel With Our 1-Hour Workshop And Fill Your Pipeline With Qualified Leads And Patients In 24 Hours


Wasting Time On Unqualified Leads

Complex Processes

Wasting Money On Ads

Stressful Follow Ups

Cold Emailing People

Long Stressful Sales Calls

Giving Away Free Content

Asking For Testimonilas

Feeling Sleazy Salesman

Use Our Workshop to:

Create A Clinic Growth Machine

No need to publish assets like months of free content, daily videos or complicated processes. It is way easier for people to say yes to interactive content that is educating and patients are self-qualified.

Build Instant Trust

Your visitors will instantly convert and register to your database so you can promote your clinic's services and generate income.

Upsell Your High Ticket Services

A quiz funnel is the “entry point” to get people ready to invest in a bigger service or a continuity service like a monthly check up.

What Is Included...

1-Hour Workshop

  • 1-hour Training
  • Process Map Checklist
  • Software  Recommendations
  • Visual Map PDF Guide
  • Recording For Rewatching


$ 150
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