What is a Quiz Funnel? Uncover the Secret Method to Captivating Audiences, Generating Leads, and Unlocking Untapped Sales

Imagine for a minute that you own a website selling products or services and you understand the importance of having a big email list at your disposal. You may hate having popups giving a discount to incentivise people and you also want to get more information from visitors who register in your database.

How could you ask your visitors to provide their information in a fun, entertaining or informative way (depending on the business you have) without jeopardising your conversions?

The solution is “simple”: Having a quiz funnel installed on your site.

Quiz funnels are extremely powerful tools for creating automated sales funnels and collecting leads. They allow you to create a series of questions and answers to automate your marketing campaigns.

Quizzes have become extremely effective at building trust between customers and businesses. In fact, 60% of consumers believe they should be able to earn points or rewards through surveys and quizzes (Source – Google). The best part about quizzes is that they don’t require much effort from you. All you need is to be able to know your audience (which you can also find through a quiz) and come up with relative questions to engage them.

So, once you’ve created your quiz funnel, you’ll need to collect responses from visitors before they move forward. This is where email automation comes in. Each answer is logged in, and sent automatically to your CRM or to a Google Sheets document. You can then use their email to create automatic email sequences (emails that are sent one after the other, in predefined days) based on their answers. For example, you can send out an automatic survey after someone enters their contact information or opt-in to get future offers.

But what is a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel is a process whereby you build an audience using quizzes and then nurture them – using email marketing or retargeting eventually converting them into paying customers. It is a method that has been proven effective over time. Quizzes are one of our favourite forms of content creation and we use them extensively across multiple platforms. They are an extremely engaging and fun way to engage your visitors.

And they work! But why do you need to set up a quiz funnel?

Well, there are three reasons:

1. Building an engaged audience takes time, patience, and consistency. No ad can do this.

2. Lead generation is not only about quantity but quality too. Classic ads (think Facebook ads, Google search ads) do not have the ability to bring 100% quality leads – people that meet all of your criteria.

3. Finding out about your audience requires lots of data, and quiz funnels offer low-cost data acquisition.

That’s where a quiz funnel comes in that will help you generate leads for your business.

Why create a quiz funnel?

There are many benefits to having a quiz funnel, some of them listed below:

1. Quizzes Build Audience Engagement

As mentioned above, the major advantage of a quiz funnel is that you build an audience by collecting valuable data about their needs. Your quiz funnel allows you to collect data and build relationships whilst you build your audience. Over time, you should notice that your audience becomes more loyal, more active and more willing to buy your product/service.

People who take a quiz have an 80% higher chance of responding back to your email flows, responding to your social media booking an appointment or purchasing a product or service.

2. Quizzes Are The Best Way To Generate Leads

People who fill in your quiz are more likely to be interested in what you are offering.

For example, let’s say you own a dental clinic. You can ask people about their teeth, and how they take care of them and at the end, offer them a free cleaning, consultation or examination. The people who will take the quiz from start to finish and provide their name, and email and book the appointment are the highest leads possible.

But even for the rest, they are still added to your database. Once you build a strong email list and remarketing audience, you can invite them back onto your website to further develop the relationship. For instance, you might offer a free downloadable resource. Or perhaps they complete a short survey or offer.

Whatever it is, you want to add another step to your lead generation funnel. This helps to increase conversions by ensuring that each person has given you permission to contact them.

3. Quizzes Have An Increased Conversion Rate

People love quizzes. There is no denying that. How many times were you drawn into a Buzzfeed quiz like “Did You Know I Can Reveal Your Absolute Best Trait If You Tell Me Your Food And Drink Preferences?” and then took their quiz because it was fun to take?

So whether you are selling services, products or information, a quiz is way more fun and engaging to take directing visitors through engaging questions, and as such, they are more intrigued to give you their details than any other form (like a popup with a discount, for example).

4. Quiz Funnel Leads are 70% more contactable

Okay, you know when you place a few ads, people click, land on your website and probably opt-in to your newsletter? Or if you have even placed Facebook Lead ads, they fill them out and then – in both cases – you try to contact them and you hear crickets?

Maybe you get a 2% response at worst?

With a quiz – and because leads have engaged with your questions, meaning they clicked “Yes”, “No”, or typed their own responses in the form fields as they moved along the quiz – they tend to remember more of the quiz than you took them through, rather than a classic ad that they forgot all about it seconds later they clicked on it.

So, if either in your email workflows or through your CRM you try to contact them, you will see that out of all these hundreds of leads that entered your database, around 70% WILL respond back!


Quizzes are also very popular among businesses. They work well when used to generate traffic and are indeed the best way to generate leads. A survey shows that over 50% of people don’t answer online surveys but are happy to take a quiz!

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