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Interactive Audiences enables your highly specialised clinic to set up a set-and-forget patient acquisition system that allows you to acquire new patients 24/7 on Facebook and Instagram.

✅ Convert up to 75% more qualified users from one campaign

✅ Book 25% more meetings in less than a minute

✅ Instantly record answers, lead data and follow up using personalised emails, SMS and calls.

acquire new patients using quiz funnels

Solve Your Clinic's Growth Once And For All With Our New Automatic Patient Acquisition System, Using Quiz Funnels

Patients now face an abundance of choices. Your clinic needs a new approach to finding, attracting & qualifying new patients, making your clinic the only choice for their needs.

Here’s how it works:


Acquire New Qualified Patients With Quiz Funnels

Do you know how many times a patient will see an advertisement online before deciding to contact your clinic?

Studies show that it takes more than 7-10 views of the same ad, visiting your website, and exploring all the options before they decide on their next step.

This means unnecessary costs and time which could be avoided.

We help you cut this to just 1 step, using a new counterintuitive approach, using quiz funnels.

Instead of launching an campaign advertising your clinic, we launch a system that helps new leads find more about them selves and self-qualify.

Patient Qualification

Capture their attention without interrupting

Rather than advertising your clinic and your services, we ask your ideal audience to explore & find out how they can solve a problem they are having. 

We do that through crafting intriguing, attention grabbing messaging on your ads, without selling or advertising anything.

This helps you attract attention and lower your cost of views and clicks.

fertility clinic ad for quiz
streamline operations

New visitors are lead on a journey

When your audience clicks on your ad, intrigued by the message, they are led through a short journey of self-discovery:

Your qualification questions on your quiz.

Questions are tailored specifically for your ideal patients and designed in a way for you to get answers to their problems.

At the same time, your audience is educated, indoctrinated and exposed to your clinic's brand.

Visitors turn into qualifiedleads

Upon answering your questions, the people who fill out their details on the form at the end of the quiz are now turned into highly qualified leads.

Their details pass instantly in your CRM of choice and sent to your sales team for evaluation.

This means that you and your team know what each lead want to solve, before they even contact you.


calendar application

Effortlessly book70% more appointmentswhile providing value

When people fill out their details they are redirected to an outcome page, where you either write a few tips and advice based on the answers they gave you or have A.I. write them on the fly, based on each participant.

At the bottom of the page, your new leads can book an appointment, and depending on the incentives you give, we have seen book rates of up to 70%, less than 1 minute from filling the quiz.


Get Qualified Patients For Your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Clinic

Imagine a clinic where patient acquisition is streamlined, operations are effortlessly managed, and every patient interaction is personalized.

With our system, this is your new reality.

Expect to see a significant increase in qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and improved patient satisfaction. Your clinic will not only meet but exceed growth targets, setting a new standard for excellence in plastic surgery care

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It's simple. Subscribe to our monthly plan (no contracts - pause or cancel any time) and send us your details using the forms provided in your onboarding.

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We handle everything, all you have to do is answer a few questions.

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We train your staff, and show you how to close patients without breaking a sweat.

Our Plans Are Simple

Membership Plans

Our plans are simple, clear and straightforward.

Simply pick one and get started in the next 15 minutes. No lengthy contracts, pause or cancel anytime.


Client Acquisition & Basic Management. Ideal for smaller clinics that are looking to generate patients quickly.
No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

Facebook ads and quiz funnels designed to capture high-quality leads and turn them to patients.


  • Dedicated Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Facebook ads design + copy
  • Quiz design with strategic questions
  • Results page design + copy
  • Up to 3 outcome pages design + copy
  • Connection with your preferred CRM
  • Monthly data analysis via email

Pay fast and securely with Stripe. Pause or cancel anytime.


Growth & Efficiency.
Ideal for mid-sized clinics looking to streamline operations and improve lead generation.
No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

Everything in basic plus: 

  • Enhanced lead generation tools (A/B testing, lead scoring)
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated account manager for monthly check-ins and strategy discussions

Pay fast and securely with Stripe. Pause or cancel anytime.


Scalability & Customization.
Ideal for larger clinics with complex needs or those wanting a fully integrated solution.

No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Custom integrations and add-ons based on specific needs (e.g., telemedicine, inventory management)
  • Priority support (phone support, faster response times)
  • Complimentary fractional CMO services (e.g., campaign management, competitor analysis)

Pay fast and securely with Stripe. Pause or cancel anytime.

Beat competitors to the experience

Skip unqualified patients and jump straight into a meaningful conversation with patients ready to talk.

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