Doing Lead Generation Using Quiz Funnels Can Explode Your Leads & Sales Within 3 Months

Lead generation is essential to growing your business. Whether you sell products or services, it’s important to generate new sales opportunities every day. In this post, I’m going to show you my favourite method to generate leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional ad methods.

I’ve been using this method since 2017 and it has exploded our agency sales in just over 6 months. This method is very unexpected and anyone with the right training can follow it.

The method?

The Power Of Lead Generation Using Quiz Funnels

It is generally understood that people love quizzes. These days the world wide web is full of quizzes – you can find anything from “Which fish are you” to “How do you stack up against an elephant” type of quiz.

But we use quizzes here at Centis for another purpose: lead generation for B2B!

Think about it. A quiz is used primarily to gather data – there is no other tool like it. It is mostly fun, educating, and entertaining – and gets users excited, plus gets their data.

If you know Buzzfeed, this behemoth of a media company was built entirely on quizzes. They ask you entertaining questions and learn more and more about usage data, preferences, and millions of other data points – and you do not even realise it.

Same here – we took Buzzfeed examples and turned them around to create quizzes that you can use to learn more about your customers, fine-tune your products or services based on their answers, and sell them what they need.

How is selling involved?

Because once a customer answers your quiz, you can show them their options such as a product to purchase, a diet to follow or to book a consultation.

It’s really easy. It’s really powerful.

How can you leverage lead generation using quiz funnels?

Let’s say you want to start lead generation using quiz marketing.

First, you need to know who you are targeting. Is it working mothers? Is it overweight CEOs? Or is it concerned dog owners? Your audience depends on the niche you are targeting.

If you do not know who your ideal client is – i.e. you are just starting out – then, guess what quizzes are again your starting point. To make things clear, there are many types of quizzes:

  • quizzes that sell products
  • quizzes that sell services
  • and quizzes that identify your ideal prospect

If you want to find your ideal prospect using a quiz, the best way to do it is to launch a quiz with questions you would ask someone who would like to buy your product or services. Here are some examples:

Let’s say you are a naturopathic doctor. You want to attract patients, but you do not know which – anyone could be your target patient. So you launch a quiz, asking people to answer general questions about symptoms they probably have. People enter using their name, email, age, gender and work info (your objective is to collect as much as info you can) and voila! In 15 days to a month, you end up with a treasure trove of data which you can then dig into, identify patterns and focus on what patterns repeat more often.

When you are done crafting questions, you can use one of the countless business quizzes that exist out there such as, to name a few (not affiliated with):

plus many others – a Google search will give you hundreds of results.

All of the above have a free plan with limited functionality, and if you decide to go for it, they can charge you anywhere between $19 – $99 /mo.

A free alternative to the above is Google Forms, but it lacks a results page based on answers. Below are some guides to get the hand of these, should you decide to go with the totally free route:

What type of quiz funnel questions can you ask in your lead generation quiz?

The most important, crucial part to lead generation using quiz funnels is the questions you ask.

You can create quizzes that are fun and interesting or that are informative and useful. Either way, no one likes a dull, boring quiz, and this is where most people who try quizzes get this wrong.

You are in luck because, in this section, we will cover briefly all the different ways you can use surveys to get feedback from your audience and learn which ones are most effective.

“What? There are different types of question formats for quizzes. Oh, God!”

Of course, they are. But you do like variety, yes?

Here below, we’ve listed five different types of quiz funnel questions that will help you come out with your own.

The point is, to use different types of questions throughout your lead-generating quiz so that it becomes interesting and enjoyable for both you and your visitors.


1. Casual quiz questions

These are questions similar to those you would ask at a party, or a networking meeting if you prefer.

Casual questions can be:

  • “Do you work out?”
  • “What foods do you like to eat?”
  • “Do you play any sports?”

Casual questions like the ones above are quick to answer, do not require much thought and sometimes, they can be fun as well!

2. Though-provoking quiz questions

These are questions that challenge the quiz-taker to think about how to respond. You would use these questions in medical, accountancy, financial or very deep personality quizzes.

Questions can be:

  • “Did you ever feel thirsty during sleep?”
  • “What are your ads ROI?”
  • “Is your spouse sending texts during the night while you sleep?”

3. Future-pacing quiz questions

Future-pacing questions compel your quiz takers to “see” themselves in the future and respond accordingly. This is suitable for consultants, doctors or coaches that want to find out more about their audience.

These can be:

  • “Where do you see yourself financially in one year?”
  • “Would you imagine yourself being healthy 6 months from now?”
  • “How much weight would you like to lose in (6 months/1 year/ 2 years) from now?”

4. Discovery quiz questions

Discovery questions are the bread and butter of any self-respecting quiz and point directly to your ideal client. Discovery questions indicate whether a quiz taker is someone you would like to work with, or not.

These may include:

  • “Are you looking for a coach right now/ in five months/ never?”
  • “Is tax planning something you would consider today?”
  • “Would you be open to making an investment in a cash-generating property within 24 hours?”

5. Previous-state quiz questions

The previous-state questions tell you whether your prospect has done or not done something in the past, which is relevant to your business, service or product. This also tells you in which segment you should add him/her, so as to send relevant upsell or cross-sell information later.

These may include:

  • “Have you used brain supplements before?”
  • “Who is your favourite famous businessperson?
  • “What brands of muesli have you used in the last 6 months?”

But that’s not the end of it.

When the quiz-taker finishes his quiz, he/she gets a gentle or buys a product or a service.

Not only that, but his email automatically enters into a sequence of emails that “ascend” him to take specific actions:

  • Book a call later
  • Download an ebook
  • Read another valuable blog post

Lead segmentation is the holy grail of marketing.

When prospects take the quiz, they are automatically segmented into buckets, based on their answers.

Segments can be of various types. At Centis, we mostly focus on problem-specific – i.e. if a client is selling supplements via his lead-generating quiz, then we focus on segmenting to the different pain points his potential customer has.

So, when each prospect gets inside a segment he is entering a specific marketing campaign that addresses his problem.

Some example segments could be:

The segment “Never used brain supplement before” has all the names and emails that answered that they never used a brain supplement before. How does this help the brand owner? Quite simply, all these people enter an email sequence where they get educated on the benefits of brain supplementation and at the end of it there is an offer to try.

Of course, situations change, businesses change and eventually, at a time in the future the prospect may not have the same problem as before – which will make the segmentation obsolete, and then he will be moved to the “general marketing” bucket.

You can use the same process whether you have a B2B business or you are selling to the consumer. The only thing that changes are the questions and the outcomes.


Do you see the value of lead generation using quiz funnels and how they can be applied to virtually any business? Quizzes can be a powerful tool that gives you tons of data – to help you make better services or products, qualify leads way better than before and sell.

As with most marketing tools, lead generation using quiz marketing is a long game – you will need to get adequate results which you will have to analyse later.

If you want to know how quiz marketing can help your business, have a go at booking a meeting with someone from our team – you will leave with a better understanding plus you will get the chance to see some amazing demos!

Alternatively, did you know that we wrote the book on quiz funnels? Take a look by clicking this banner:

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