Stop Buying Leads! Here is How To Use Quiz Funnels For Lead Generation Instead.

I’m tired of receiving a sh##$t load of emails asking me if I want to generate leads and pay a guy or a gal I have never heard before another ##$%$% load of money to get me or my agency leads.

I have never done it, nor will I do it. Here is why:

I decided to write this post because I see so many business owners falling for this trap.

Whatever you or your business sell, you are probably aware that is becoming increasingly difficult to find, qualify and sell your products or services to buyers. That’s why the lead generation industry is booming.

Ad costs are increasing, it is especially difficult to sell via Facebook groups, Twitter is not really an option and you have even tried TikTok, with not great results.

Don’t start me with LinkedIn – people do not respond to your connection requests or they shut you down immediately if you just try to pitch them.

If you want to find the best way to generate business leads that not only attracts customers but also qualify them at the same time, keep reading.

Why NOT buy leads?

Firstly, because you can do it on your own, cheaply and efficiently – and get a ton of user data at the same time.

Secondly, the people that approach you to sell you leads, don’t give a crap about you, and won’t even put a single effort to generate any leads for you, having your best interest in mind.

What they are going to do, as soon as you give them your hard-earned money are two possible things:

  1. Scrape LinkedIn for emails, based on what you told them. They have specialised software that will search one or more keywords and then simply go out and find the emails these guys have on their profiles. NEWSFLASH: The emails they have on their profile may not be even real, or they may not be using them, or worse – they may not be active on Linkedin and they put an email because they thought they had to.
  2. Go to services like Apollo, put in your criteria and export a list. Their job is done.

They sell you this list and they do not give a crap if these emails are active, how many of these people changed jobs and they are not in this role anymore, and whether they are going to respond to your email blasts or not.

There is a better way. And not just because we are selling it – because it IS more effective, leads are dirt cheap and as I explained – you get a ton of data about the leads that come in. Keep reading if you just got excited:-)

What is a quiz?

There are no stupid questions, but I had to make this clear, in case you were wondering. In its simplest terms, a quiz is a popular way to evaluate potential customers’ attitudes toward your product. Quizzes are now used in a number of different fields, and they are quite versatile.

However, if you want to find the best way to generate leads for your business, you will need to do some market research first. We have written an extensive article on what is a quiz here.

What is the actual purpose of your quiz funnel?

So, okay you are thrilled with the idea of finding low-cost, high-value leads for your business, but do not jump on it just as yet. Before you even begin creating your quiz, you need to do the dreaded work of thinking about what you want as an end result.

Here are some initial ideas of what a quiz funnel can do for you and how you can do lead generation using quiz funnels:

  • A quiz can put more qualified leads on an email list. Apart from adding them to your email list and sending them a newsletter, it also gives your sales team an ideal base to work with as they do not need to endlessly search for leads. These are people that came to you, answered questions that qualified them and now they are “eager” to be contacted”.
  • It is also a means to do more low-cost advertising. Uploading the current list on various mediums like Facebook, Google Bing, and Yahoo ensures that your cost of acquisition is reduced to pennies on the dollar.
  • Finally, do you want your market to consider you as an authority? If yes, a quiz can indicate to people that you know what you are talking about because you have created a method to offer solutions to clients.

The benefits of using quiz funnels

There are several benefits to using quiz funnels as the best way to generate leads for your business:

  • A completely transparent method of screening and filtering prospects – you get not only a load of data of their preferences, because they answered all your qualifying questions, but now you can segment your leads based on what they answered – and disqualify those with whom your criteria do not match.
    • For example, let’s say that you sell consultancy services. Rather than throwing an ad on Facebook or Google and then have someone fill out a form to download a lead magnet that no one will lead, you launch an ad asking people what their major challenges of running their business and a call to action that promises some life-altering idea with a button like like “Take a quiz to find out”
    • Then, as people answer questions like “Do you do everything on your own” or “Would you be open to a coach” and “If there was someone who could triple your sales in the next 60 days, would you hire him?” you get all these answers directly on your CRM and then by filtering them out, your CRM could simply add them to your contact or campaigns list. Completely automated.
  • Provide an instant decision-making mechanism – quiz people on the benefits of your products while they are taking your quiz and can easily make a quick decision about your product if they want it or not. They can also share your quiz with their peers.

Types of Quiz Funnels

Although everyone is biased and everyone has an opinion on a topic, the truth is not everyone is going to be able to buy your product and in turn, they may not want to.

Of course, you can try an ad campaign of some sort, but it is always better to test and try before you take the plunge and invest some time and money.

Testing a potential lead is important, so it is always best to test it with other customers so you can learn their wants and needs As such, the simplest method of testing is to use quiz funnels. A quiz, added as part of your marketing stack, can quickly identify potential customers, and help them to decide whether you are the right solution to their problems.

As such there are many types of quizzes to qualify a lead. You can create a personality quiz, as a lead quiz, or you may want to use a multiple-choice quiz to be used after a sales call or after a webinar.

Let’s evaluate some most common quizzes we use for our clients in the nutraceuticals industry:

1. Personality Quiz

quiz funnels

Personality quizzes are among the most common types of quizzes, They are very versatile and we use them to identify the buyer traits of supplement retailers. You can:

  • Embed a personality quiz on your website or blog to learn more about your audience
  • Select the best product based on a series of questions to increase sales
  • Generate leads by integrating a lead form in a highly engaging personality quiz

Personality quizzes can be serious, fun, or educational. We have occasionally used quizzes with titles like:

  • How waking up early affects your career
  • What type of business owner are you?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?

2. Scored Quiz

quiz funnel, score-based quiz

A scored quiz is used when you want to quickly show someone his current situation in the form of an assessment.

Each question is assigned a point value. Upon completion, your total score is added to your outcome based on the final number.

The creation of a successfully scored quiz is based on your ability to do the following:

  • Set a goal (such as measuring a person’s knowledge of a subject)
  • Create a list of questions associated with the goal
  • Assign a point value to each answer
  • Create a table for judging results, based on the final point tally

Scored quizzes are among the most powerful, as the respondent is guaranteed to receive something in return for their time.

3. Multiple Choice Quiz

ow to use quiz funnels for lead generation, multiple choice quiz

You’re probably familiar with multiple choice (also known as assessment) quizzes from your time in school.

You’re presented with a question and a set of answers. Every question has one right answer, with the outcome based on the number of correct answers.

Here’s an example of a multiple-choice quiz designed to test a person’s knowledge of digital marketing.

4. Yes or No Quiz

create a quiz funnel

This is the simplest type of assessment-based quiz. While it’s similar in some ways to a multiple-choice quiz, there are only two answers to choose from:

  • Yes
  • No

It’s a concise and efficient way to judge a person’s knowledge of a subject or receive feedback. Here are some example questions you could use in a yes or no quiz to receive feedback after a company presentation:

  • Did you understand the primary purpose of the presentation?
  • Were you bored at any time during the presentation?
  • Did you learn everything you were expecting?
  • Were there times during the presentation when you were confused?
  • Did you find yourself able to easily identify with the information?

You can also use yes or no questions to create a fun, engaging quiz that you share on your website or via social media. For instance, if you manage a travel brand, these questions could make up a quiz:

  • Is this a picture of New York City?
  • Is the Statue of Liberty located in New York City?
  • Does New York City have more than five million residents?
  • Is New Your City known as the city that never sleeps?

A person who answers them all correctly is a New York City expert. Conversely, a person who only answers one or two correctly needs to bone up on their knowledge of the United States’ most populated city.

5. Poll

quiz funnel marketing

A poll is an interactive quiz that includes only 1 question.

The key to success is providing the audience with enough choices to ensure that it suits their situation.

Sticking with the above example, there are eight possible answers to the question “What is your biggest expense”.

But imagine if there were only three choices. Some people would be able to answer, but others would find that the poll doesn’t really pertain to them. Therefore, they’re less likely to proceed.

You can also allow the respondent to provide more than one answer. This is helpful in the case that someone may not be able to make a final determination, such as if their mortgage and student loans are the same expense.

Upon completion of the poll, you can check your statistics for the following:

  • Impressions
  • Vote percentage
  • Result report
  • Responses report

6. Survey

It’s not the same as a traditional quiz – like those detailed above – as a survey is designed to gather feedback or lead the user to an outcome based on answers (known as skip logic).

However, depending on the way you format the survey, it can take on a “quiz-like” form.

Here’s an example of a survey titled “What are you looking for in a team collaboration tool?”

Why should you use quiz funnels when marketing your business?

Although most of us are familiar with quizzes for fun, they can serve a few purposes. One, a quiz will allow you to have an objective and be able to read all answers to the question. And if they fall into your target market, then you have a chance to convert them.

How can you turn quiz takers into leads?

I’m a big fan of the “ask-me-anything” format. I think it’s an excellent way to get people talking about your business and what they want from it, but there are some things that can make or break this type of interview. One thing that always gets me is how to convert the respondent into a lead.

You can use a simple ranking system when creating your quizzes so that users see different results depending on their answers. After they answer the first question, but just before you display their results, you have the option of showing them an opt-in box asking visitors to provide their name, email address, etc so that you can send them their results.

Of course, people who give you their contact details are usually interested in knowing more from you, so they’re now considered new leads generated from the website. Keep in mind that if you require your visitors to give you their contact details, many will simply exit the quiz without becoming leads, and they might be left a tad annoyed or disappointed from not seeing their quiz results.


Quizzes remain the best way to generate business leads. To generate more leads, think of what people look for and what sort of information they actually want. Use a variety of different forms of quizzes to capture the various information that people are looking for. The advantages are as follows:

  • They tend to be confidential.
  • They don’t take up a lot of time and they won’t cost you a lot of money.
  • They can be used to attract the attention of the consumer and create brand advocates
  • They are so easy to use

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