What is the qualification score of the leads you generate?

We understand you’d like to know the quality of leads we generate. While we don’t use a single “qualification score,” our process focuses on attracting highly-interested potential patients for your clinic.

Here’s how we ensure lead quality:

  • Targeted Facebook Ads: We create targeted ads based on your ideal patient demographics and interests, increasing the likelihood of attracting relevant leads.
  • Strategic Quiz Funnels: Our quizzes aren’t just surveys; they are designed to assess a potential patient’s interest and suitability for your services. This pre-qualifies leads and gathers valuable insights into their needs.
  • Lead Qualification Process: Going beyond just contact information, our funnels gather data on a lead’s specific situation and readiness to convert into a paying patient.

Focus on Qualified Leads, Not Just Numbers:

While some lead generation companies might focus on sheer quantity, we prioritize quality. Our goal is to deliver leads who are genuinely interested in your services and more likely to convert into patients.

Transparency and Communication:

During a consultation, we can discuss your specific needs and target audience. This allows us to tailor our approach and provide a clearer picture of the type of qualified leads you can expect for your clinic.