From Stuggling > To Generating Thousands of Leads.

Learn The Ins And Outs Of A Quiz Funnel With Our 1-Hour Workshop And Build Your Leads List...

And Book Calls Or Sell Them, On The Spot.

What is The Quiz Funnel Workshop?

Most marketing gurus tell you to create lead ads on social media, offer free content, build complicated sales funnels, make huge promises about your offer, and hope that you can convince a small % of people to buy.

With our quiz funnel model, we completely “flip the script.”

Instead of free content, wasting money on ads that no one wants to click or creating and giving away free ebooks and webinars, the first thing we do is offer an engaging, educating and sometimes fun and possibly entertaining (depending on your niche) quiz funnel. 

Our short one-hour virtual workshop helps you get a comprehensive understanding of how you can use quiz funnels in your business, right away!

And at the same time, this workshop will instantly make you understand what you will need to do, fill our email list with qualified leads (not freebie-seekers), and warm people up for our bigger offers.

The QUIZ FUNNEL WORKSHOP is a step-by-step roadmap for creating your successful funnel — and it’s just $150.

quizzes funnel workshop

Learn How To Generate Qualified Leads

No More:

Wasting Time On Webinars

Stressful Following Up

Giving Free Content

Complex Funnels

Cold Emailing

Long Sales Calls

Wasting Money On Ads

Asking For Testimonials

Feeling Sleezy

Use our Quiz Funnel Workshop to

Create A Quiz Funnel

No need to publish assets like months of free content, complicated webinars or funnels - it is way easier for people to say yes to interactive content that is fun, entertaining and educating.

Build Instant Trust

Your visitors will be lifelong fans after they get a small win at your quiz (cue: learn about their personal situation, their problem, a possible solution e.t.c.)

Sell Your Bigger Offer

A quiz funnel is the “entry point” to get people ready to invest in bigger offers like solar, real estate, mortgages, financial products and much more.

And this isn't just for B2B.

You can get similar results if you are in one of the following niches:




Social Media Marketing

Media Buying

Instagram Marketing

Email Marketing

Tax Planning




Health & Wellness

Graphic Design



Video Making



Interior Design


…and much more!

Ready to get more people into what you sell — without being in “marketer mode” or “selling mode” all day long?

What's Included ...

1-Hour Training

Process Map Checklist


Software Recommendations

Visual Map PDF Guide

Recording For Rewatching

Learn How To Get QUALIFIED Leads In 72 Hours: