Tools & Services For Healthcare Brands

Target, Attract, Qualify and Convert Qualified Healthcare Patients, in less than 5'.

Tools - Services - Insights - Guidance

Interactive Audiences offers a winning combination of our own tools and services that:

  • Help you understand what your target audience needs to solve
  • Engage with and self-qualify
  • Offer them your personalised solution, without any effort.

Are you looking for a better way to get clients for your healthcare brand?

Interactive Audiences offers a counterintuitive approach to the old methods of lead generation, that allows you to build a sustainable long-term business that generates new high-value patients.

We achieve this by creating an "interactive prospect engine" that works for you 24/7 using a hybrid model between our own tools and offering a service that generates leads.

Why Use Our Interactive Prospect Enghine And Not Continue With Traditional Lead Gen?

Attracts Your Ideal Customer

Unlike Facebook Lead Ads or traditional sales pages that simply display information

Engages The Prospects

Long before they even become leads. This means that your brand stays in their short memories longer

Provides Better ROI

As it costs anywhere between $0.05 - $01.50 to get new leads, unlike traditional lead ads which may cost you up to $100 per lead

It Gives You A Wealth Of Data

Like customer pain points, insights for improving your services, creating new products, feedback and more

It's Totally Trackable

You know exactly who interacted with your quiz, what questions they answered, their details so as to use that info to inform your marketing

How Do We Get You 72% More Qualified Healthcare Patients?

Interactive Audiences tell you what your healthcare patients want to hear from you to convert.

Traffic via Facebook ads


We Drive Traffic With Facebook Ads

The quickest way to get customers is to advertise - but instead of advertising your products or services, we advertise a quiz that helps your prospecting patients self-qualify.


Visitors Land On Your Quiz

Rather than having prospective patients land on your home or services page, we direct them to an interactive content page that addresses ONE core pain point.

quiz page
healthcare quiz


Prospective Patients Take The Quiz

Instead of the same old “Book An Appointment” your future patients now interact with your questions and find out more about themselves. This leads to a path of self-discovery and self-qualification.


Prospects Become Leads

Your visitors now are eager to see the results of the quiz and find out more about their results. They fill out their details and become leads, while they are automatically transferred to their customised results page and added instantly to a CRM.



Leads Then Turn Into Patients

Once your new leads land on the results page, now is your chance to show your expertise and book them into a consultation.

Once they do that, your sales development representatives can present them with your solution.

Happy Clients
Quiz Funnels To Date
$ Million Generated

Get a nearly72% conversion rate so you can book more patients - faster

Ask your customers what they think, how they want to buy, and how they want to solve their problems - and get them to either sign up to get their answers or buy your solution. 

Achieve nearly 72% conversion rate from cold audience to lead to customer and up to 80% contact rate.

Interactive Audiences Offers A Combination of Own Tools & Services Into One Single Subscription.

Online Form Builder

Create simple or complex forms in minutes that make data collection easy, making lead & patient registration to the CRM a breeze.

Our custom-designed forms can be embedded into your website, your social media, or your emails. 

Interactive Audiences customise them to your specific needs, with hundreds of options.

Leads fill out their details and are automatically transferred to their customised results page and added to your CRM.

You can use them as standalone, or 

form builder
quiz app

Quiz/Survey Application

Interactive Content Changes Everything

Reduce your qualification costs by 90% by asking your target audience questions that resonate using a quiz or a survey.

Interactive Audiences gives you access to its proprietary survey system and creates the most engaging questions.

Healthcare CRM

Nurture, Incentivise, Remind & Close

The bulk of your conversion is determined by how well you stay top of mind.

Interactive Audiences helps you implement our proprietary CRM system, specifically designed for healthcare brands clinics, dentists and surgery centers, enabling you to:

  • Connect with leads & patients via emails & SMS
  • Following up
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Reminders
  • And much much more.
Healthcare crm
clinic management system

Online Clinic Management System

Manage your entire clinic, for free

Nobody likes an unorganised clinic - staff and patients alike.

With the Clinic Management system, you have an entire application online which you can monitor:

  • Admin
  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Beds
  • Prescriptions
  • Patient Data

Our Plans Are Simple

Membership Plans

Our plans are simple, clear and straightforward.

Simply pick one and get started in the next 15 minutes. No lengthy contracts, pause or cancel anytime.

Lead Generation Campaigns Basic

No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

Facebook ads and quiz funnels are designed to capture high-quality leads.


  • Dedicated Marketing Strategist
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Facebook ads design + copy
  • Quiz design with strategic questions
  • Results page design + copy
  • Landing page design + copy
  • Connection with your preferred CRM
  • Monthly data analysis

Per month. Pause or cancel anytime. No contracts.

Add-On Options:

  • Online Calendar Application: +$399
  • CRM System: +$599
  • Clinic Management Software: +$799

Tools-Only Package

No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

  • Access to our
  • Quiz system
  • Online calendar application,
  • CRM,
  • Clinic management software
  • No lead generation campaigns included.

Per month. Pause or cancel anytime. No contracts.

Add-On Options:

  • Additional User Licenses for the CRM: +$199 per user
  • Enhanced Support & Training for Clinic Management Software: +$499

Growth Suite

No Contracts. Pause or Cancel Anytime.

Full suite including:

Facebook ads & monthly management

Quiz funnel

Online calendar application


Clinic management software


Per month per funnel. Pause or cancel anytime. No contracts.


  • Free initial setup and integration support for all tools.
  • 2-hour strategy consultation for maximizing lead generation and operational efficiency.


What People Say About Our Services


I own a clinic in Germany and I was looking for a quick way to get some qualified leads coming in. We tried ads, we tried groups, we tried LinkedIn, but nothing worked. I was referred to Interactive Audiences’ quiz funnel service and after talking with the team, I decided to go for it. To my surprise, within just two weeks I had more leads than I could handle! This is the best lead gen service on the market, and works for me 24/7!! Highly Recommended!

Emily Schiegel

Clinic Owner


I have to admit, at first, the subscription was probably too much for me. However, after running a lead campaign on my own that wasted a lot of money and got unqualified leads, I decided to reach out for help.  They redid all ads, created a qualification system – all for free- in 3 days and ran it. They required minimal input from me. The results were phenomenal. I got 1285 leads in just 20 days and I was able to convert 20 of them! I would recommend this service to any business in the healthcare sector looking for a way to grow faster.

John Barrett

Marketing Manager


If you ever struggle to get more patients for your dental practice and you have tried advertising, cold emails, or just waiting for content to rank like me, stop whatever you are doing and use Interactive Audiences services! These guys deliver, go above and beyond to help and they even fixed my website – for free! Got a ton of leads, my email list needed an upgrade, and they even created automated workflows without me asking them to (which sell!). Don’t think about it, hire them!

Kelly Antonatos

Dental Clinic Owner

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