Turn Cold Traffic Into Customers, Driving Instant Growth

On Demand Quiz Funnel Buildouts
For A Flat Monthly Fee.

Interactive Audiences is a subscription-based service that provides fixed-price quiz funnels, allowing you to submit unlimited funnel requests, with up to 72-hour delivery.

Convert visitors into customers, grow your mailing list, and boost your sales.

quiz funnel

Creating a sales funnel should be easy.

Finding qualified leads takes a lot of time and money. Most funnel creators are not only expensive but also unreliable.


Get A Consistent Flow Of Leads With Unlimited Quiz Funnels

Interactive Audiences provides you with a dedicated team that designs on-demand quiz funnels for a flat monthly fee. You get unlimited revisions, cancel at any time.


How Does A Quiz Funnel Generates Leads & Customers?

Here is an oversimplification comparing how you generate leads currently and how you should:

The Old Way

The Old Way of Selling - You chase Customers - Centis TheQuiz Funnel Co

The New Way

The New Way - Customers Chase You - Centis The Quiz Funnel Company

Here is a visual 10,000 foot overview
of how a quiz funnel works

Quiz Flow - How to generate leads

Here's How You Go From Struggling To Find Customers To Hundreds Of Leads In 30 Days, Guaranteed.

1. Everything Starts With An Ad

The quickest way to get customers is to advertise- but instead of advertising your products or services you advertise a quiz.

2. Prospects Land On Your Quiz

Rather than selling a product or service, you direct your ideal audience to a quiz landing page that speaks to ONE core pain point.

3. Prospects Take Your Quiz

Instead of same old dreaded “Buy my product”  people now interact with your questions and finding more about themselves.

4. Prospects See Your Offer

If you have done a good job with questions, visitors now want to see how they can solve their problem. They fill out their details and land on your offer.

5. Prospects Become Clients, Instantly

Once your prospects see your offer, its decision time. They will buy your offer right there and then or leave. If they do, they enter an upsell/downsell/crosssell sequence.

Get Your Quiz Funnels Done In 72 Hours, Not Weeks.

Signup & Submit your Request

You will be guided along the way. Tell us as much as you can and upload the assets you want us to use.

We Get to work

Our dedicated team of funnel experts will start immediately

Get Your quiz Funnel in 72 Hours

We will provide Facebook ads, 8-10 questions on your favorite quiz platform, 3 different outcome pages with offers, and one upsell, one downsell and a thank you page. No need to worry about revisions. You get unlimited!

Some Of Our Quiz Funnel Case Studies


What People Say

I am a small business owner who was looking for a quick way to get some qualified leads coming in! I tried Centis' quiz funnel service and within just two weeks, I had more leads than I could handle! This is the best lead gen tool on the market. You should definitely give it a try.

Tom Barett


Michkel Anegl

I just wanted to share my incredible experience with Centis; quiz funnel. After running a quiz on my website, I was able to see a massive uptick in leads! The quizz they made was setup in less than 14 days and they required minimal input from me - and; the results are phenomenal. I would recommend this product to any entrepreneur looking for a way to grow their business.

Kelly Antonatos

I can't believe how smart the quiz funnel was in generating leads for me. I am now flooded with a ton of potential clients who are actually interested in what my company has to offer. I want to thank Centis' teaml, because they really helped me see and understand the importance of using quizzes to generate leads.


How easy would be for me to cancel my subscription?

Extremely easy. Just log in to your Account and click “Cancel Subscription” You do not even have to talk to us any more if you do not want to 🙂

What if I need you to manage my funnel, after creating it?

Piece of cake. Just select “Manage My funnel” and not only we will create your entire funnel but we will manage your ads, dropouts, offers, optimise the questions and more.

How many funnels will your team work at any given day?

Your requests are on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, each request takes approximately 72 hours to complete (or less, or more, depending on the complexity – we will let you know before your task starts if we can’t deliver in 72 hours).

Let’s work a real-world scenario:

Suppose you need three quiz funnels. You submit the requirements for your first one on Monday morning at 9.00 a.m. and you wait for this to be approved. Then you submit the second one at 9.30 am and the third one at 10.00 a.m.

As soon as the first is approved, we get to work on the first one, and the time counts from the first-come, first-served approval and afterwards. So, 72 hours later, we will start on the second and 72 hours later, on the third.

Who works on my funnels?

As soon as you sign up and submit a request, you are assigned a Project Manager. The PM evaluates your request and gets back to you if she/he is not clear on your request. As soon as everything is clear, your request is then sent to:

  • Our copywriters
  • Funnel designer
  • Graphics designer
  • Conversion experts
  • Ad designer

Who needs quiz funnels?

We create quiz funnels for:


  • Manufacturers
  • Commercial real estate
  • Service businesses
  • Business development
  • Consultants


  • Health clubs
  • E-commerce
  • Restaurants
  • Law firms
  • Real estate agents
  • Solar
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course creators
  • Mobile app creators

Plus any other business sector and industry we haven’t thought of already 🙂





What do you deliver exactly? I am confused.

Sure, let’s clarify a few things:

We deliver:

Facebook ads: 

We create one ad which includes 2 pieces of copy (long form) and 2 pieces of images. We deliver it via Google Docs and Google Drive. If you are interested in creating the ad directly on your Businesss Manager, we do that via VPN to avoid any flagging from Facebook and the cost varies. Please consult with your PM (Not your Prime Minister, your Project Manager).

Quiz Landing Page:

This is a more complex issue and to avoid confusion, we do that directly on your favorite quiz software. So you just give us access to any of your quiz software and we create this for you.

Quiz Questions:

Quiz questions are initially created in a Google Doc and they include answers if applicable. We of course can transfer them directly to your favorite quiz software and map them to your outcomes (see below).

Outcome pages:

We create up to three outcome pages in an external funnel software (because quiz apps are very limited) in either an account that you own in ClickFunnels or a funnel plugin on your WordPress website. Please note that we do not create outcome pages in hand-coded HTML pages.

The outcome pages create your offers, book your appointments, and sell your services or products.


We help you create offers based on economics that make sense to you. Please note that this is a very complicated matter and an offer can make or break a quiz, especially if you are not willing to make it stupidly simple for customers to buy.


This will be your chance to upsell the customer and recoup the cost of advertising. After the outcome pages, and if someone buys your offer, you have the chance to upsell them. We create the landing pages that make it so, again using your ClickFunnels, Systeme.io account or your WordPress website.

What does “unlimited quiz funnels” mean?

It means that you can request as many quiz funnels as you want, on any given day, which will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, and delivered in 72 hours:

  • Ads
  • Quiz questions
  • Landing page design
  • Outcompe page copy and design
  • Upsell offers
  • Offer creation

Your requests will be completed in the order you submit them.

This means that as soon as we deliver the funnel in 72 hours you can request another, and then another. Once you signup and submit a request, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will review your request, will make sure that we have everything we need to start and deliver and then she/he will assign a team to work on your request.

If you need to change an order, or something comes up and you have a priority for another funnel- just let your PM know.

Your requests follow on a first-come, first-served basis.

On average, we deliver a full funnel in 72 hours. If your business is more complex or you have special requirements, your PM will let you know on how long it will take.


What happens if I do not like something?

We are here for you. Upon delivering you the entire quiz funnel in 72 hours, you get to approve or request a revision. You can request as many revisions you need. We make sure that we get everything correctly the first time, so you won’t waste your time.

Who is a quiz funnel for?

Are you a coach, or consultant or do you sell a service of any kind… and want to wake up every morning to a jam-packed sales pipeline and inbox bursting at its seams with qualified sales calls and eager-to-buy leads?

Are you a new (or seasoned) business owner who simply needs more leads, appointments with decision-makers, and qualified sales opportunities to sell and close?
Are you an eCommerce business owner who wants to get clients more consistently with the most “interactive” outreach so you can grow your business without ads?
Do you have ANYTHING you’d like to sell?
Products?! Services?! Yourself?!
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above…
Then quiz funnels are just for you.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide any refunds. Once we deliver something, you cannot request a refund. What we do however, is provide unlimited revisions to your project. This means, when we deliver your quiz funnel within 72 hours, and you request a revision, the 72 hours no longer apply (as we delivered the original version within the time limit).


What software or tools do I need to launch a quiz funnel?

You will need:

  • Your Facebook Ads Manager (optional, if you do not plan to run ads) – Free
  • A quiz platform – there are free versions and free trials and generally speaking, this will cost you anywhere from $29 to $300/mo
  • A funnel software- ClickFunnels or WPFunnels (a WordPress plugin)